Challenges to informing decisions with climate risk scenarios

Organizer: Fred Lipschultz (USGCRP)


The central question for discussion is ‘What are the challenges and decisions you face in creating and disseminating a scenario suite suitable for informing decisions within your national or sub-national borders’. After introductions by the moderator, panelists will present short (5-7 min) descriptions of the scope of their scenario enterprise experience to inform the audience of their particular situation. The moderator will then work from prepared questions covering selected broad issues, such as deciding on qualitative to fully quantitative scenarios, translating the scenarios into specific risk categories, and strategies for building capacity in diverse practitioner communities (20 min).  The remaining time would be interacting with the audience. Potential panelists would include city, state, and national creators and users of scenario information (e.g. USGCRP, California, New York City or Denver or Los Angeles).  Ideally, the panel will also include a private sector representative (e.g. Amazon, TCFD or Moody’s).